Bliss Classes

Hello there Beautiful!  Become empowered through instructor led courses that are fun, fierce, and inspire fitness through dance.  Enter the exciting world of pole dancing or expand your physical limits with a dancers workout.

Can't settle on a single class? Get the complete Bliss experience with 2 Weeks of Unlimited Classes.

Scroll down below to learn more about each class and availability.

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Pole Dance & Aerial

Introduction to Pole

50 Minutes


Welcome to the exciting world of pole dance! In this class you will learn all the introductory pole moves and how to choreograph them together, through pole choreography.  With the best dance music playing, you'll be walking around the pole with confidence, completing basic pole spins, pole dips and pole turns. Start class as a beginner, then transition up with the necessary core pole moves needed to build pole confidence. Great for beginners and first timers.

Recommendations: Avoid applying lotion before class. Grip is for sale at the studio. Jewelry should be removed. Wear athletic shorts and top. Heels are optional, but should be pole dance heels such as Ellie or Pleasers.



Beginner Pole - Pole 1

50 Minutes

Ready to level up from Intro to Pole classes?


Once your Intro to Pole instructor graduates you, you are ready to level up to Pole 1! Yay! We will add new moves to your repertoire such as climbing, putting together spins and transitions, build strength, endurance, add more floor work. 




Pole Flow Level 1

50 Minutes

Join us for a dance focused Pole Level 1 class.


In this class we will work on the execution of level one moves such as climbing, spins and transitions in a flow. This class will best prepare you to thread moves together in a choreographic matter to a variety of music.


So come roll your hips, whip your hair, and dance it out in your next level of pole.

Heels and knee pads are highly recommended. 



Intro to Inversions- Intermediate Pole 2

50 Minutes

Wanting to get your invert or condition your invert and make it oh so clean?

Work on hitting your "V" legs and building the strength to hold it, hold it, hold it!

Gain pole skills you never thought possible with proper conditioning drills and muscle engagement to make you look and feel like a pole goddess. Inversions to leg hangs and transitions to and from inversions will be key for this class.


This class will be for our more students who have taken a minimum of 6-8 Pole Level 1 classes that are ready to learn the building blocks of inversion. Or for those who can already invert and looking to condition and "clean it up".


Mats will also be available and required especially for novice inverters or when trying something for the first time. Students must have 4-5 months+ pole experience and or demonstrated a strong proficiency in all level one spins, climbs and tricks.


Your level one instructor must clear you for this class.

Intermediate Pole - Pole 2

50 Minutes

This class is where you will really advance in your climbs, spins, transition, floor work, and begin inverting.


Your will be amazed at the level or strength and endurance you will gain while completing beautiful and powerful pole moves.

Mats will also be available and required especially for novice inverters or when trying something for the first time. Students must have 4-5 months+ pole experience and or demonstrated a strong proficiency in all level one spins, climbs and tricks.



Advanced Pole -
Pole 3/4

50 Minutes

Ready to take your strength and dance style to the next level?


Pole 3 is for students who are competent with Pole 2 moves and want to advance their inversions, arm holds and leg hangs, climbs, and pole spins. You will advance your “pole flow” with graceful transitions and combinations that are sure to exhibit your strength and beauty as a pole dancer.



Poleography 1.5/2

50 Minutes

This is where we put it all together and bring out your inner performer!


We combine pole spine, turns, poses, floor work, transitions and style choreographed dance routines to some of the best music that creates a dynamic dance flow. Artistic styles vary from sexy, to dramatic, to down right mesmerizing.


Come to learn fierce and fun dance moves while getting the workout of a lifetime. Leave class with an amazing routine that makes you look and feel like a pro.

Heels and knee pads are highly recommended. 



Exotic Pole Dance 1.5/2

50 Minutes

Get ready to release your inner goddess!


This class celebrates the seductive side of pole dance that will have you glistening in sweat! Class will use a variety of movement on the floor, chair and pole. All levels will be able to participate with modification to ensure enjoyment for all. Try something for the first time, and then come back for more.


Each instructor creates a custom routine and song for the class. Embrace your feminine power and live your best life through body waves, hair whips and body tracing.

Heels and knee pads are highly recommended. 



Flow with it 

50 Minutes

This class is a beginners road map to learn to build on foundations, choreography, and explore the fundamentals of freestyle. Wouldn’t you love to not freeze up when the instructor yells" Freestyle"? Or do you feel like you do the same 3 or 4 moves and then you are stuck? Well you are not alone.

Through prompting and direction you will not only learn how to move, you'll learn how YOU move, giving you an opportunity to explore your personal style and which movements are the best expression of it!

Level 1 +, Knee pads, heels, and thigh high socks should be brought to class.

Hard and Low Exotic Flow 1.5+

50 Minutes

Grab your knee pads and get ready to clack in this bass hitting flow class. Stockings and boots suggested, knee pads and heels required. Based in Russian exotic style, this flow class combines soft movement with hard hits, mostly grounded with some acro and ballet inspired flips, flops and flow!


Intro to Lyra

50 Minutes

Aerial hoop, also known as Lyra, is an exciting, fun and challenging class to add to your workout routine.

Intro to Lyra class has been designed for raw beginners, including children and adults with minimal fitness backgrounds. Lyra enables students to develop strength, flexibility, and body awareness.  Lyra is a metal hoop suspended firmly from the ceiling and is used to perform various acrobatic and circus-like tricks.

Come fly with us!

Experience: No aerial experience needed – this class is perfect for the complete beginner.

Attire: Wear workout attire that covers the shoulders (Short & long sleeved) and legs. Cotton or Cotton blend fabric is best (non-slippery). Tops should be fitted and not too loose. Remember, you will be upside down. Please make sure that your bottoms are not see through. No socks (unless they are sticky).



Lyra Level 1

50 Minutes

This level is for students who are beginning to invert onto the apparatus, or pull over into front balance without instructor assistance.


Students in this level have either completed 1-2 months of Intro to Lyra, or have had basic aerial instruction elsewhere.


Students should have built basic body strength necessary for aerial arts and can lift themselves off the floor onto the higher apparatus fairly easy.


Level 1 classes are for learning more complex sequences and poses, learning basic momentum skills and top of the bar movements, and building strength and technique for sustained work off the ground.

Lyra Level 2

50 Minutes

Currently available for privates, students will improve their technique and build their repertoire with the lyra.


Continuing to analyze foundational poses above the hoop and in the span set as well as transitional movement. This class will be a great introduction to working with rolls and dynamic movement including beats and spin theory.

Instructor must clear you for this class, having graduated from Lyra level 1.

Haute Hoops

50 Minutes

Strap on those heels and be ready to WORK!


This beginner-friendly class is designed to bring out your sultry side while incorporating intro lyra moves and poignant choreography. This photo-worthy class will have lighting designed to make you look drool-worthy and get the gram post you desire!

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Aerial  Hammock

Intro to Hammock

50 Minutes

The dual-point hammock offers aerialists a chance to familiarize themselves with an aerial apparatus that cradles your body and provides support and confidence in inversions. You will build strength and body awareness on the ground and in the hammock, learning some beautiful poses, drops and sequences in between.




Aerial Hammock Flow

50 Minutes

Our Aerial Hammock Flow class is a great introduction to aerial for beginners. In these exciting classes, you will learn how to utilize the hammock while incorporating flow, fluidity and aerial dance sequences.


Class Attire: Please do not wear clothing with zippers or anything that could potentially snag the hammock material. Jewelry (especially rings) may not be worn during class. Please wear leggings or workout pants that cover the backs of your knees. Students should also wear a shirt that covers their underarms. Class is held barefoot or in socks.

Bungee Fitness

50 Minutes

Currently Available for Private Sessions and Parties, this class combines HIIT training, low impact cardio, and plyometric exercises. You will work to improve agility, increase speed, strengthen balance, and have a blast while performing tricks that defy gravity! Please arrive 10 minutes early to ensure you have time to be fitted for a harness and bungee height. Be sure to wear leggings and bring a bottle of water. *you will be in a harness for the majority of class, please speak with an instructor if you experience any discomfort.


Cardio Bellydance

50 Minutes

This monthly Pop-Up Class blends class belly dance moves and technique added into a Cardio Class. Participants will learn to dance to modern and Arabic music Belly Dance style. Can you say Choo choo shimmy time? Standard fitness attire is recommended and belly dance scarves are provided.

Chair Dance

50 Minutes

After this class you will never look at a chair the same way! Come join this all levels dance fitness class where you will learn simple chair dance choreography, floor work and balance moves using the chair. Come get your sexy on and burn calories in the funnest way possible with our dance queen Kiara. Heels optional. Knee pads can be used for comfort. Can be done barefoot and in clothes you can move freely in.

Flexy Floorplay

50 Minutes

Flexy Floorplay is a hybrid class that combines stretch and low-floor dance to create the ultimate sexy, slinky movement. This 2-part class will offer a full body warm-up & stretch while learning how to be a vixen on the floor. You will then work on the fundamentals of beginner to intermediate acro, with introductions to contortion training, handstand, and shoulder stand basics. Flexy Floorplay is designed to enhance your aerial performance by working on skill sets that will strengthen your active flexibility and fill in the time you're grounded to the floor. Grab your knee-pads and your favorite knee-high socks and join us while we offer up some spreadies to the gods.

Across the Floor

50 Minutes

A Contemporary / Jazz dance progressions class that sends you traveling across the floor!
Find new ways to dance with and around your apparatus or spice up your movement with techniques to build your strength from the ground up.
No dance experience needed, knee pads required.

Intro to Floorplay

50 Minutes

Intro to Floorplay is a beginner level class that focuses on low-impact, low-floor movement, at a slow & steady pace. If you are a new dancer or want to refine the basics, this class is for you!
We will stretch, condition, & flow together instagram worthy floor sequences that you can incorporate in your dances for time to come.
Wearing knee pads is encouraged, as well as socks or heels.


Yoga / Flexibility

Flexy Goals

50 Minutes

Looking to improve your flexibility for the pole, Lyra, silks, or just life?  Bring your yoga mat, and prepare to warm up the entire body then work out the kinks, lengthen and increase mobility in our total body flexibility class.
This class will be great for aerial athletes and those looking to improve range of motion.

Splitties & Spreadies

50 Minutes

Get ready to offer your splitties and spreadies to the gods! This class is designed to help you get deeper into all splits! Front splits, straddle splits and all the active flexibility to engage the splits off the floor for all off our lovely Bliss aerial, pole and dance classes.

Come prepared for a heart pumping warm-up that will condition and strengthen your body so you can easily open your hips, hamstrings and spine, allowing you to get deeper into straddles and forward splits.

The true gem in the class is that Jennifer shines in offering purposeful and strong physical assistance and adjustments to help you understand the postures better and go deeper into them. So come get hands on adjustments and alignment assistance that will level up your flexibility like no other.
Yoga mat and yoga straps recommended.

Beginner Yoga

50 Minutes

New to yoga or are you a practitioner who is looking to refine their poses? This class is for you! We will focus on some gentle flows that allow you to understand the physical and spiritual basics and benefits of some of the most common yoga poses. We will also take this time to break down common poses to provide you a safe space to truly understand the potential in yourself, as well as all of the benefits yoga has to offer. Please wear leggings, and bring your yoga mat.

Healing Hammock

50 Minutes

Designed to be a breakaway from your busy week, Healing Hammock is the perfect class to take 50 minutes for the pillar of your success- YOU!
Based in restorative aerial yoga principles, this class will encourage light stretching through guided meditation designed to relax and recharge.
**Aromatherapy and colored lights may be used throughout this class so please advise your instructor if you have any visual or olfactory sensitivities

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Strength & Conditioning

Booty Burn

50 Minutes

Join us for an amazing class that is all about the booty! Have fun lifting and rounding your peach using booty bands, mat work and body weight. We will be pumping the best booty jams to keep the room hype as we lift, squat, crunch, sweat and repeat. Your booty will thank you, LOL!


Booty Bands for sale at the front desk before class


Bring a yoga mat

Aerial Strength & Stretch

50 Minutes

This class in meant to translate the proper muscle engagement needed for the aerial and pole moves you have been working on. Ranging from grip strength, shoulders, back, core, hips, glutes and more. But it doesn't stop there! In this hybrid class we will finish off the class with active flexibility. You will learn how to use active flexibility in place of passive floor stretches. Active flexibility is essential to fire your muscles during you pole moves with ease and full flexibility or range of motion.


This is a class you will take your aerial and pole skills to the next level by building a strong and flexible foundation. 

Turnt to Fitness

50 Minutes

Have fun while you follow along to unique dance and kickboxing combinations that will get you moving to the beat, building muscle, and burning those calories!
You will work up a sweat while feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin.
This class utilizes only your body weight so there are no materials needed.