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Meet The Beauties

Our Bliss Instructors


Basha D


Basha is our Bliss founder, rising goddess and spicy gymnast. She found a love for pole, aerial, dance & fitness from the insatiable need to move her energy, dance, create and inspire herself and those around her. Basha has a background in collegiate cheer, coaching competitive high school gymnastics, is a master fitness instructor, entrepreneur in fitness, and a loving wife and mother.

Basha is so blessed to be able to have the gift of a studio as her present life work. But is even more blessed to share it with the Beauties that come into the studio. Basha has unwavering appreciation for the feminie energy in Bliss that creates huge life changing shifts for its members. To Basha the gift is in the giving and she is so proud of each person that comes into Bliss. For each time they come to Bliss they give themselves permission to fully experience Bliss, and see who they may  become with a little love and encouragement from the fellow Beauties.




Allow us to introduce you to the new shining star behind the scenes at Bliss Fitness Studio: the one and only Veronica Guerrero! 

With over 14 years of marketing project management wizardry under her belt, Veronica brings a level of passion and client relations finesse that will leave you doing spins (or maybe just some enthusiastic high-fives)!

Veronica is a powerhouse of positivity, on a mission to help you unleash your inner Bliss Beauty Diva. She's all about building strong, confident women from the inside out. 

When she's not whipping our studio into shape, you'll find her belting out her favorite tunes, meditating her way to Zen heaven, and empowering women to be the best versions of themselves

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Sky C

front desk

Meet Sky, a passionate dancer and astrophysics and astronomy graduate. With a competitive dance background in various styles including ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, and production, Sky has never lost her love for dance. She continues to explore different genres in her spare time, including pole, lyra, and silks. As a member of the Bliss Fitness Studio team, Sky is excited to share her passion for dance and its transformative power with the community. Join her on this journey and experience the joy and excitement that dance has to offer at Bliss Fitness Studio.




Erica became a member of Bliss in March, 2022. She knew after her first pole class that she had found her missing puzzle piece and pursued her new found passion and became an Aerius Certified Pole Instructor. 

Her love for fitness began at the age of 20, when she competed and placed in her first fitness competition in her home state of New Mexico. She has always enjoyed dancing and is so happy to have found Bliss, where she can flourish in her femininity, fitness and dance! 

 Her goal is to inspire and help others to embrace their sensuality, confidence and fitness through pole dancing at Bliss Fitness Studio!




Alexis is one of our newest instructors and if you need a hype girl to twerk it out with you, she’s your girl! Alexis became a member of bliss studio in 2021 and developed a love not only in herself, but also a love to help others feel that love in themselves and in dance again. She teaches aerial and ground classes here at bliss, with an occasional pop up Zumba class! 


Aerius certification

Zumba certification


Jenna H


Jenna has been training in aerial dance since 2014. She is so excited to have found her new circus family with Bliss and can't wait to fly with you!


Jennifer H


Jennifer completed her first 200 hour yoga teacher training in January 2012. She completed a five month Thai yoga massage training in December 2014 and became a licensed massage therapist in February 2020.  She has completed more than 500 additional hours of training in yoga including tantra, Vinyasa and becoming a Strala yoga guide.Jennifer worked as a personal trainer for 11 years and a paramedic for six years until she became legally blind in 2009.  She is passionate about helping her students to feel safe and successful.

Freddie P Photo.jpeg

Freddie P


A Florida native from Miami with a passion for music and fitness. From childhood I enjoy the arts of expressing myself through music as a performer. Wearing many hats as a dancer, a cheerleader and a rap artist. As an athlete my passion and love grew for fitness which lead me to compete in a NPC competition and training across South Florida. My journey as a Personal Trainer began when I transitioned into the Healthcare industry in 2010. It allowed me to help so many families to maintain and achieve their wellness goals.

Starfall 2023 (8 × 10 in).jpeg

Luci Starfall


Luci Starfall rocketed into the Bliss Universe like a wayward comet in 2020, with splits, handstands, and muscles blazing! Little did she know that finding her new fitness home would be as explosive for her like the birth of a new star. Leveraging almost two decades of professional sports and fitness experience (including surfing, figure skating, Zumba, and CrossFit), Luci soon became a certified pole instructor in 2021, and is now known for her pole-specific strength and conditioning programming, effective "breaking it down" teaching style, and her massively entertaining performances. She says, "I like to joke that I'll keep doing this dance fitness thing I love so much (with characteristic electric panache!) til my last day on Earth ~ hence my personal motto and battle cry, "DIE Dancing". But what I'm totally serious about is sharing the calling & passion of creative physicality with all those who want it, and I daresay need it. Movement is LIFE, and as a18-plus year fitness professional, I craft a dance fitness experience here at Bliss that speaks these truths to my clients' hearts, minds, & bodies - no matter their age, shape, or background. As a mother in her late 40s who understands the challenges of the varying seasons of a woman's life, I'm a living example of the saving graces of joyful human movement (especially pole!) in keeping the mind and body in its most authentic, happiest, healthiest, and most divine state." 


Luci "Professor" Starfall holds the following certifications:

• Pole Strength & Conditioning, Spin City 

• Pole 1 & 2, Xpert Fitness

• Indoor Cycling Instructor, Schwinn

• Dance Fitness Instructor, 305 Fitness

• Certified Personal Trainer, Brookbush Institute

• Human Movement Specialist, Brookbush Institute

• Zumba Instructor, Zumba Fitness 

Momo W Photo.jpg

Momo W


At heart, Momo is a storyteller. She has always been a lover of the arts, picking up skills as a performer, athlete, actress, musician, and poet across her lifetime. She found that, through pole dance, she could merge her skills into a singular form, explore self and sensuality through movement, gain confidence, and get a great work out all at once. She became CirqFit certified in 2022 in hopes could share her love of pole with more people. Momo is ecstatic to become part of the Bliss family.


Allison S


In the world of Pole and Aerial Arts, Allison is considered a pioneer and industry leader. Allison’s extensive professional dance and National Jr. Olympic gymnastics background gives her insight into being an accomplished coach, judge and choreographer. Since 2005, Allison has maintained a performance, competition and event producing career as well as an in-demand coaching and consulting business.

This captivating artist performs with a style that is both sensual and acrobatic. Allison is truly a part of Orlando’s world renown entertainment industry performing in art shows, conventions, events, and on stage with international celebrities and touring musical artists like Snoop Dogg. She is an X-Pole International brand sponsored athlete, a USPDF Pro, and authored the industry’s first spinning pole instructor training program ( She currently travels around the world as a Master Trainer and performer for Pole and Aerial Arts.

Instagram: @alliegatoruf / @DanceFilthyUSA / @FLPoleFitnessChampionship / @AeriusFitnessTraining

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