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Bliss Culture Statement

Bliss is a supportive and inclusive experience. Bliss Beauties become empowered through instructor led courses that are fun, fierce, and inspire fitness through dance. From the moment a Beauty walks through the door, they feel welcomed and supported.  Beauties are encouraged by staff and fellow members to always try something new, reach new personal milestones, and explore who they might become through feminine inspired movement classes. Bliss is no doubt an uplifting and positive environment. 

At Bliss, it is all about the journey, coupled with a one-of-a-kind experience. Most importantly, no personal fitness or dance experience is required. We welcome everyone, from every fitness and dance level. The only requirement is to say “Yes”.  Yes to curiously and bravely step into a first class, yes to self care, and yes to giving yourself permission to be authentically you. To work towards becoming the best version of yourself.

What starts as a workout, becomes so much more. Transformatively more. When we ask Beauties to share their personal Bliss experience, overwhelmingly what we hear is how our studio experience changed their lives. How they had been looking for a place like Bliss Fitness and are elated to have a safe space for expression and fitness. A place where they can celebrate their divine feminine energy, interact and engage with a tribe of like-minded women, who accept them as they are, and give encouragement for who they can become. A concerted effort exists at every level; from staff, to members, to fuel elevated levels of self esteem, boost confidence, and develop positive self body image. It all happens within Bliss studio walls, and then permeates into their personal and professional lives outside of the studio. 

The evolution and transformation experienced from day 1 to 100 is one of our memberships greatest assets. Beauties leave everyday feeling confident about their workouts, and secretly yearning for more. They begin to see and feel differently about their bodies, their bodies capabilities, and falling in love with them.  Psychologically they begin to shed their old perceptions of self,  and elate for whom they seek to become. The journey.

The end result is a polished, confidently unstoppable human, backed by the support of a team of professionals. We look forward to meeting you. Start here.

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