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Everything You Need to Know

For Your First Visit

Where do I park? What do I wear? What can I expect? We've heard them all and this page aims to quell your mind. Below you'll find some of the most common questions we get about attending a Bliss Class.

Where is Bliss located & where do I park?

We are nestled in the heart of Historic Downtown Melbourne, FL. Our physical address is 726 E New Haven Ave, Melbourne, FL 32901. You can find us across the street from Matt's Casbah. Corner of Waverly and New Haven. We encourage you to arrive 15 minutes prior to class start for parking.


Be aware that parking is available street-side, but we also have parking available at the city hall parking garage located on Strawbridge Ave.


If you have any trouble at all finding us, be sure to text us 321-345-4366 or click the address above for directions on your GPS.

How early should I arrive?


You're more than welcome to arrive when the class starts, however, we recommend getting here 15 minutes before. This will give you time to park, come in and greet your peers, and make any wardrobe accommodations.

What do I wear?

Attire truly depends on the class. For example, pole classes require shorts that are short enough for the thighs to be exposed for gripping purposes, whereas an aerial class usually requires leggings to reduce bruising and the risk of fabric burns.


Please refer to our class descriptions on our explore classes page or in MindBody during booking. You can also send us a text to 321-345-4366 for specifics!

Lotions & Jewelry


If you're taking a pole class, avoid applying lotion beforehand. We do sell grip at the studio. We strongly recommend not wearing any jewelry to any studio class. It may get compromised, snagged, or broken during intense physical sessions. It can also tear Bliss fabric equipment. Bliss Fitness Studio is not responsible for any damaged personal articles or damages incurred.

Will my apparatus hold me?

All of the equipment at Bliss is certified aerial equipment. Each of our 45mm Xpoles can hold over 250 pounds and our aerial rigging is equipped to handle 1,000 pounds of active and 3,000 pounds of inactive weight, making it perfectly safe regardless of body weight. Equipment is regularly inspected for quality and safety. Some classes such as bungee may require additional rigging, but our certified instructors will be able to safely meet your needs!

How much is a class?

Class drop-in rates for our pole and aerial classes are $40.00 per person and $30.00 for our grounded classes such as Pure Stretch or Chair Dance. If you’re trying us for the first time, we’re so confident that you’ll love moving with us that we’re willing to buy back your class and apply it towards our two week unlimited offer!* Valid only on the day of your first class.

How much is a membership?

Memberships can reduce your per class cost to as low as $16! Memberships vary in cost depending on the type of classes you would like to take, the number of classes you would like to take a month, and the term length of your membership contract. We usually recommend starting with our intro special so that you can get an idea of your goals and make membership suggestions that are applicable to your needs!

I'm a beginner, am I going to be able to do this?

Any class titled “Intro” is designed specifically with beginners in mind! The pace of the class will be much more relaxed and we go over ALL the basics from walking, learning body awareness- even how to breathe while learning new skills! All of our instructors are also trained to offer modifications (whether it be a regression while you build strength or a progression if you’re ready for more)! Always keep an open line of communication with your instructor throughout class so that we can offer skills to help you leave feeling empowered!

I have previous experience, can I take upper level classes?

All students are required to go through a graduation process so that our instructors can evaluate your skill and strength levels. We usually recommend staying in you current level for 6-8 classes to ensure you’re exposed to all the amazing skills in each level. This is not only to make sure that you have the abilities you need to enjoy your classes, but also for your safety. You must be able to complete and demonstrate comprehension of a variety of poses, transitions, and floorwork on both sides. Graduation requirements vary from class to class so contact front desk to get those requirements!

What kind of music do we play?

To keep our class content genuine, music varies from class to class and instructor to instructor. Should you ever have a music request, be sure to let your instructor know- we love listening to and trying new things!

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