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Throwing a Party?

Everything you need to know before hosting a party at Bliss.

Where is Bliss located and where do guests park?

Bliss is located in the heart of Historic Downtown Melbourne, FL. Our physical address is 726 E New Haven Ave, Melbourne, FL 32901. You can find us across the street from Matt's Casbah. Corner of Waverly and New Haven. Encourage your guests to arrive 15 minutes early to park.

Be aware that parking is available street-side, but we also have parking available at the city hall parking garage located on Strawbridge Ave.

If you have any trouble at all finding us, be sure to text us 321-345-4366 or click the address above for directions on your GPS.

How early should you arrive?


You're more than welcome to arrive when the class starts, however, we recommend getting here 15 minutes before. This will give you

time to park, come in and greet your peers, and make any wardrobe accommodations.

What do we wear?

Be sure to wear athletic shorts and a tank top or sports bra (preferably pole-style in length- don't be shy, booty shorts are encouraged as skin-to-pole contact will be essential for gripping purposes). Please do not apply any lotion and remove all jewelry prior to class. Heels are optional, but should be pole dance shoes such as Pleasers or Ellies and "street heels" will not be permitted.

What kind of music do we play?

Whatever you want! If you have a playlist in mind, feel free to share it with our studio by texting it to 321-345-4366 and if you want to dance to a specific song, be sure to let us know ahead of time so that we can put your instructor to work on a drool-worthy routine!

Are there tables and chairs?

We have folding chairs a-plenty for dancing and for sitting we also have one 4x4 pop up table so feel free to bring a table cloth and decorations.

Can we bring food and beverages?

Absolutely! Be aware you are responsible for all service and clean up of any food and beverage. Alcohol is permitted to those that are over 21, but there can be no sale of alcohol on premise. For more details on this feel free to ask! Be aware there is a $50 excess clean up fee for any glitter, confetti, food, beverage, or personal items not handled by the attendees.

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