Our Workshops


Posing 101: You Better Work with Allison Sipes 

Friday August 19th at 6:30pm  


75 min $35 Members/$45 Non-Members 


Do you struggle with posing and on camera movement while taking photos or at photo shoots? This beginner friendly workshop will teach you how to pose like a pro! Bring your camera phones and tripods to practice with and pole clothes. 


Learn Thai Yoga Massage with Jennifer 

Sunday August 28th at 10am 


120 min $60 per couple


Thai yoga massage was developed for the average person to be able to give healing touch to their loved ones. The receiver is fully clothed, on the floor and the giver applies gentle pressure to the energy lines of the body while also stretching and moving the receiver in a way that is healing and relaxing. 


In this 2 hour class you will: 

  • Learn partner-assisted stretches, enabling you to stretch farther than you could on your own. 

  • You will learn how to and where to apply the appropriate amount of pressure to loosen and relax soft tissue The partner stretching and massage techniques you will learn will enrich your life for years to come

You will need to bring 3 bed pillows, A light weight blanket, and a bath towel. 


Floorwork Foundations with Estafania

Friday, November 18th at 4pm


90 min $65 per member / $75 non-member


Starting with at 30 minute full body warm up, in this workshop you will learn classic floorwork tricks and detailed technique for exit and entries. All levels welcome, variations and regressions are provided. 


Sultry Spin Combos with Estafania

Friday, November 18th at 6:30pm


90 min $65 per member / $75 non-member


Learn three spin-pole combos with different difficulties and elements. Step by step, you will learn how to make connections throughout combos effortless. Complete with a full-body warm up and conditioning, dancers of all levels will leave with a complete sultry spin pole experience.  


Mesmerizing Legs with Estafania

Saturday, November 19th at 11am

90 min $65 per member / $75 non-member


In this workshop you’ll learn all the essentials to break down Estefania’s signature leg movements. Intensive leg mobility exercises will prepare you for tackling hypnotic leg waves, isolation's, ankle rotations, and more.  Heels are optional, knee pads are highly recommended.